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Following your metrics shouldn't be that hard! We made Daily Metrics for founders to get their key metrics from anywhere and have them delivered to them and their teams every morning

We have created several startups and know that tracking your metrics is key to the success of your project. But it's not always that easy, how many times have you overlooked a metric that was going down? Unfortunately, we have...

You use Google Analytics to monitor your website and apps, Stripe to charge your customers, Mailchimp to send your newsletters, your marketing team uses Google Ads and Facebook Ads to advertise and Google Search Console to analyze your SEO, you use Twitter to build up your audience... but how do you keep track of all that?

There are great tools to aggregate all those metrics in beautiful dashboards, they're great if you want to deep dive, but do you really check them every day?

One email to rule them all

Start your day with all your key metrics in a beautiful email
and you and your team will be on top of everything

This could be your mailbox. Every morning.
Google Analytics
Search Console
Your metrics
Many more coming soon!
Your key metrics
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Your own metrics

Send your internal metrics to us using the Daily Metrics API and show them on your email any way you want!

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