Follow your GitHub repo's metrics with a daily email

If you're a developer I'm sure you use GitHub for your own projects and to follow other projects you also use.

Would you like to easily keep track of the metrics of the repository? For example, how many people have starred or watched this repo? Did anyone commit any code yesterday? How many pull requests are still open?

You can get all that and much more in a beautiful daily email powered by Daily Metrics, it's really easy.

After you signup for Daily Metrics, you should setup a connector for GitHub. Connectors are short scripts that will connect to a data source (in this case, GitHub) and extract your key metrics.

To setup a GitHub connector, go to the Connectors page, find the GitHub connector and click on Add to my project. You will then see a settings page, where you can give a name to this connector (ie, github) and then you need to write the username and repository name of the repository you want to track.

Click on Save and you're done, you have a running connector that will get your key metrics from GitHub every day.

Once you have a running connector, you will need to show those metrics on the email, which you can do by editing the email template. You can twist your numbers any way you want, but for now let's do it the easy and just add this short code to your template:

{{{ github_repo({ name: 'github', title: 'GitHub Repo'}) }}}
{{{ github_issues({ name: 'github', title: 'GitHub Issues'}) }}}
{{{ github_pulls({ name: 'github', title: 'GitHub Pulls'}) }}}
{{{ github_commits({ name: 'github', title: 'GitHub Commits'}) }}}

That's it, we now have a table with the evolution of the key metrics of a GitHub repo, and you will get this by email every day.

If you liked this, try it out today and get your key metrics in a beautiful daily email!