Following your metrics shouldn't be that hard! Get your key metrics from anywhere and have them delivered to you and your team every morning

Collect your metrics

Our connectors will collect your metrics from tens of online services as Google Analytics, Twitter, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads, databases...

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Upload your own metrics

Use our easy-to-use API to send us your own internal metrics and have them next to the other metrics in the daily email

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Easily write your email templates

Use Markdown to easily write your email templates and forget about endless HTML and CSS hacks, we'll take care of that

Your metrics your way

We have standard ways to present the data, but if you need more personalization you can use EJS to make any calculation and present it any way you want


One single project or many projects, you're covered anyway. Every project has a set of metrics and one or more email templates that read those metrics.

Different needs, different emails

If you need to send different emails to several people you're also covered. One email for the marketing team, another one for management and even another one for investors, all of them coming from the same set of metrics.

Desktop and mobile ready

The emails with your updated metrics can be read both on desktop and mobile

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