Connectors read your data from many different sources and prepare it for your daily email. Please find below the list of currently available connectors, with many more coming soon!

If there is a source of data you would like to connect with Daily Metrics please let us know and we will try to integrate it as soon as possible.


Number of customers, revenues, MRR or churn daily in your mailbox

Google Analytics

Never lose track of your website's progress with the number of users, sessions, session length, bounce rate, top pages, top referrers...

Google Search Console

Impressions, clicks, CTR and average position in the SERPs, top landing pages, top queries used to find you...


How are you doing on Twitter? Is your number of followers growing? Are your tweets engaging? Who are your new followers?


Number of subscribers in your audience and performance metrics of your latest campaigns


Write your own query to get data from a MySQL server

Your own metrics

Use the Daily Metrics API to send your own internal metrics and have them included in your daily email.

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