Your Google Analytics metrics by email every day

Google Analytics is a great tool to measure and analyze the audience of your website or app. You can have a general overview of the metrics or you can deep dive into any metric and segment you wish.

Wouldn't it be great if you (and your team) could wake up with your main Google Analytics metrics in your mailbox? Daily Metrics will do that for you, it will connect to your Google Analytics account, extract the main metrics and then send them to you in a beautiful email. Of course, the email can include metrics from other sources as the number of Twitter followers, your Facebook Ads performance, your own internal metrics... you name it. So how can you get that?

After you signup for Daily Metrics, you should setup a connector for Google Analytics. Connectors are short scripts that will connect on your behalf to your data source (in this case, Google Analytics) and extract your key metrics.

To setup a Google Analytics connector, go to the Connectors page, find the Google Analytics connector and click on Add to my project. You will then see a settings page, where you can give a name to this connector (ie, analytics) and then you need to authorize it to access your Analytics account.

Analytics Connector Settings

Click on Sign in with Google and follow the process, after a few seconds you will be back in the settings page but the sign in button will be replaced by two input boxes to select the website. First you will have to select the Google Analytics account (if you have more than one account) and then select the website (in Google Analytics lingo, the view) you are interested in.

Click on Save and you're done, you have a running connector that will get your key metrics from Google Analytics every day.

Once you have a running connector, you will need to show those metrics on the email, which you can do by editing the email template. You can twist your numbers any way you want, but for now let's do it the easy and just add this short code to your template:

{{{ ga({ name: 'analytics', title: 'Google Analytics'}) }}}

That's it, we now have a table with the evolution of your key Google Analytics metrics, and you will get this by email every day.

If you liked this, try it out today and get your key metrics in a beautiful daily email!